CCTV Buyer Guide

CCTV Buyers Guide

Buying a CCTV system is by no means an easy task, the vast array of products available nowadays could confuse anyone so we have tried our best to put together a guide to help you make an informed decision about what system should fulfil your requirements.

Before we go through how to choose a complete CCTV System, some people may only want to connect a camera to a TV/Monitor to view and record via a video recorder.

This is simple to do, when you have selected the camera you want pick the option with the correct length 'Plug & Play' cable. Make a note of the 'connector' type, this is usually BNC, then check your TV connections. They will probably be phono or scart. Then you will need to buy a BNC to Phono connector, and if necessary a scart connection. And your done, you simply plug these connections into the end of your cable, and into your TV. Place the camera where you want and record images on to your video recorder, keeping in mind that it can only record for as long as there is space on the video tape.


We start by splitting this guide into the four sections below, if you can learn to understand these separate sections then you will have a good idea of what products will be suitable for your situation. Please bare in mind this guide is focused around products that we offer, for example there are multiplexers, switchers and VCR's - however we don't supply these products as a Digital Video Recorder replaces each one, so they do not feature in this guide.

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