GSM MMS High Quality Camera With Infrared Light And Motion Detection
Product Code: A83
GSM MMS High Quality Camera With Infrared Light And Motion Detection

Selling Points:

1.Send captured images to host mobile phone by MMS

2.Control the camera by SMS commands

3.Real-time audio monitoring

4.Triggered by motion detection and PIR detection

5.Working with wireless sensors and detectors (Max.25pcs)

6.8 IR led for night vision working

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1.This product uses a GSM SIM card. It can send multimedia messaging (MMS) images to MMS enabled mobile phones with color display or to an E-mail address.
2.Remote control: Control and configure the camera with short messages (SMS) commands from a mobile phone.
3.Real time audio:call the camera number (SIM card) to listen in live voice.
4.Motion detection:Detect and notify authorized users of any motion in the monitoring area(s).Integrated infrared body detector.
5.Sensor detection: Allowed to load up to 25 sensors such as door magnet sensor, infrared body sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensors,etc. Any activated sensor will notify the authorized users via SMS.
6.Infrared light:The built-in high-light infrared LED's allows the camera to capture clear images, even in dark environments or areas with insufficient lighting.
7.High quality camera:300,000 pixel CMOS camera in order to obtain a clear image via MMS.
8.Send images to mobile:The camera will send MMS images to your mobile. Therefore you can check on the monitored areas at any time and anywhere GSM/GPRS network coverage and MMS service coverage.
9.Send images to E-mail:The camera can send images to preset available E-mail address.
10.Multi-mode alarm:The camera can send alarm messages via SMS, MMS, E-mail or standard phone call.
11.Fixed time monitor:The monitoring schedule can be set with multiple time intervals.
12.Easy installation:Wireless connection. The camera can be installed at any place required by the authorized user.
13.Built-in lithium battery:Rechargeable battery ensures operation of camera amid external power failures.
14.Downloadable user manual:This manual can be downloaded at any time via SMS command.


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