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K-DING is a vertically-integrated provider of a broad range of video surveillance, audio surveillance, mini DVR series, HD 1/2/4 channel mobile DVR series, wireless AV TX TX and IP cameras technologies.


K-DING provides comprehensive support for all of the products which mini DVR,PIR DVR,1/2/4 channel mobile DVR, the support including product design and development, manufacturing, technical support, offer OEM/ODM service and good after-service, to vertically-focused distribution partners.


In-Vehicle Security System:

In-vehicle security system is also called mobile video system or mobile camera system; it is a technology in vehicle security surveillance market, the system provides innovative solutions to a wide range of customers and applications.  The system is basically made of 4 high quality cameras and 1 main SD/HDD type recorder for 24/7 working to record all data in the vehicle.

Our products supply to public transit, bus fleet, and taxi fleet and truck transportation worldwide across every industry with a full complement of onboard surveillance systems. 

We supply the public and private sectors with 3G live view, live alert technology to enhance safety, reduce risk, improve productivity, and maximize project profit. We are distinctive supplier to other companies in our industry. We start to do mobile security system since 2007, we create our own engineer team and develop our own featured 4-Channel SD Card and HDD DVR system all the way.

In 2010, we successfully supplied the 2CH Taxi Camera System to a valued New Zealand project dealer, in which the 2CH Taxi Camera System is approved by New Zealand Transportation Agent requirement. In the taxi camera system, we ensure to record all legal image in side taxi to avoid any bad driving behavior, or any illegal actions, making sure all the safety for both driver and passengers, ultimately saving people lives.

For truck transportation surveillance system, we offer High-End Durable Industrial Grade 4CH HDD Mobile DVR System, in which all image quality is clear enough to protect from any theft actions of cargo safety or damage, avoiding any claims due to cargo problems.


@Article written by Susan, Kanshine 

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